Executive Committee

Research by the founding members of the Smart Education Foundation (SEF) identified a significant lack of organized competitions, programs and events that specifically focus on developing and promoting an understanding of the power grid, power generation, load balancing and security requirements for the grid.
The SMART Competition seeks to help satisfy the need for such programs.

The founding members established a vision and purpose for the organization and developed activities for the Smart Education Foundation.  The current committee members continue to develop plans and executing tasks that support and advance that vision.

Members of the founding board and many of the SEF volunteers have extensive technology leadership and STEM program experience.

The officers and organizers of the SMART Competition are:
Michael Andrews – Andrews & Associates, Managing Partner,  Foundation President
Mark Schneider – Bentley Systems, Global Technical Director, Utility and Mapping,  Foundation Director
Myrna Johnson – Systems Consultant, Foundation Director

The SMART Competition Design Team members include:
Software Development (Bentley Systems)
spacer-10pxBill McNamara          Kurt Rasmussen
spacer-10pxJeff Nolan
Curriculum Development
spacer-10pxPeter Johnston (Cactus Moon Education)
spacer-10pxJanet Crow (Cactus Moon Education)
Competition Management
spacer-10pxEverett Greenli
spacer-10pxDonald Houde

For additional information, contact:
Michael Andrews, m.andrews@smartcompetition.org