Smart Competition

Getting Started and Lesson Narrative

Getting Started Guide

For your convenience we are providing the SMART Competition Getting Started Guide.  Please download and review this PDF.

The Lesson Narrative

The Lesson Narratives handbook is available in PDF format.  It can be downloaded by clicking on the icon to the right or each section can be accessed online.  An overview of each chapter is listed below with a link to that chapter.  Each chapter can also be accessed from the main menu, under the Compete option.
            Lesson Narrative (PDF)

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Sep 23
SMART Competition opens for high school students
SMART Competition opens for high school students   The SMART Competition (
Sep 15
SMART Competition – Registration Fee Donation
SMART Competition – Registration Fee Donation    The SMART Competition (www.smartcompetition...
Jan 14
2016 Registration Deadline Extended
In response to requests from our participants The SMART Competition timeline has extended the entry ...
Jan 01
$100 Registration Fee is Waived
Benefactors have generously agreed to donate the resources necessary to enable participants to regis...
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