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Getting Started and Lesson Narrative

Getting Started Guide

For your convenience we are providing the SMART Competition Getting Started Guide.  Please download and review this PDF.

The Lesson Narrative

The Lesson Narratives handbook is available in PDF format.  It can be downloaded by clicking on the icon to the right or each section can be accessed online.  An overview of each chapter is listed below with a link to that chapter.  Each chapter can also be accessed from the main menu, under the Compete option.
            Lesson Narrative (PDF)

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May 05
Outstanding Academic Performance – Mission College Prep Catholic School
 The SMART Competition is recognizing Mission College Prep Catholic School and Teacher-sponsor Ms. N...
May 03
SMART Competition – 2017 Winning Team – Pius X High School
The 2017 SMART Competition was a success!  The winning team of this year’s competition was fro...
Mar 15
Volunteer Global Involvement
  The 2016-2017 SMART Competition is continuing to attract global attention.  This year the competit...
Sep 23
SMART Competition opens for high school students
SMART Competition opens for high school students   The SMART Competition (
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