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Students are encouraged to use a mix of resource material and technical experts to assure their gym redesign, addition of power generation capabilities, the impact of their designs on the energy use by the school, and the installation of power generation technology on the campus add to the neighborhood smart grid.  Students should consider a spectrum of resources, including reference books, periodicals, the Internet, technical and professional societies, industry, government and university sources, recognized experts and faculty as information is gathered to help develop a solution to competition challenges.
In addition, students have access to the technical library and video tutorials of Bentley Systems (
Suggested Internet Search Terms
Smart grid, renewable energy, lighting systems, low energy use, carbon footprint, high efficiency lighting, LED lights, sustainability
Suggested Web Sites
IEEE – Smart Grid
Department of Energy
Earth Portal - Congressional Research Service
Federal Energy Regulatory Agency
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Smart Grid Library
Bentley Systems, Year in Infrastructure
Video – IEEE
Video – Quest KQED, “Climate Watch, Unlocking the Grid”
Video:  Argonne National Labs, Smart Grid Technology Interactive Model, Vehicle Application
Video:  Modernizing the Grid
Electric Light and Power (ELP)
Smart grid News

Coulomb Technologies (Vehicle Charging Stations)
World Changing Media
Cactus Moon Education, LLC

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