Smart Competition

Sep 232016

SMART Competition opens for high school students

SMART Competition opens for high school students
The SMART Competition ( is a STEM and Career and Technology Education (CTE) education program that provides high school students with a practical real-world design challenge that addressed the smart grid, intelligent building design, energy efficiency, localized power generation and green buildings.  The students create an innovative solution to a design problem faced by technical professionals everyday as they try to make schools function more efficiently. 
According to Mark Schneider, Global Technical Director Utilities and Mapping of Bentley Systems and co-chair of the SMART design team, “The competition is an ideal opportunity for students, either in the classroom or in informal learning environments to get hands-on practical experience in engineering design, building information modeling, energy analysis and intelligent design using software tools used by engineering professionals.”
The SMART Competition is a global high school STEM and CTE education program designed to challenge students to develop solutions to a real-world campus redesign project.  The solution will include elements of sustainability, green design, localized power generation, architecture, the environment and the community.  The ultimate goal of the program is to create student interest in pursuing STEM related careers, higher education and university studies in a variety of technical disciplines.
As part of the competition, students use commercial software design tools and a global technical support infrastructure.  The Competition, by promoting intellectual investigation, promotes academic achievement, career preparation, teamwork and other 21st century skills essential for in-demand occupations within high-growth industry sectors.  The computer design and simulation skills give students with the capability to work for engineering and design firms while in school or immediately following graduation.   
The competition is open to all high school students who attend public, private, parochial, charter and home-based schools or participate in informal education programs.  The competition is designed to attract all students without regard or bias of gender, race, socio-economic or academic performance level. 
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