Smart Competition

Competition Rules

  1. The SMART Competition is open to all high school students currently enrolled in a public, private, parochial or home school or other recognized secondary education institution.  Students representing other non-school based or informal education programs may also participate.
  2. Student teams may be formed at a school, secondary education institution or other non-school based sponsored education program.
  3. An educator, school or sponsored education program may register multiple teams.
  4. Student design teams include three or four members.  A team may identify another student to serve as the team’s project manager.  In addition to the student members, there must be an educator to serve as the team’s sponsor.  The students or the educator may wish to identify a technical professional who will serve as the team advisor.
  5. A student may compete for multiple years.
  6. The competition structure is progressive from the local, area, region to international levels.  Teams and team members that progress through each of these competition levels must remain consistent.  
  7. All team members must comply with the SMART Competition Code of Conduct.
  8. Specific rules and scoring criteria relating to each competition deliverable are provided in the Rules section.
  9. Presentation materials including portable computing systems, presentation software, storyboards and other visual aids are the responsibility of the team.  Any materials used must conform to competition specified standards.
  10. The total expenditure on competition related presentation materials (visuals, special attire, etc) including the value of donated items may not exceed $50 USD.
  11. The total expenditure for the scale model including the value of donated items may not exceed $200 USD.
  12. Any power needed by the scale model should be battery supplied or otherwise self-contained.
  13. Awards, prizes or recognition items have no resale value and are not transferable or exchangeable.
  14. The decision of the judges is final.
  15. Have fun!
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