SMART Competition Scoring Guidelines

The Deliverables – What Each Team Must Produce for Competition

The SMART Competition challenges undergraduate university and high school students to apply their knowledge of science, math and physics to develop a more energy efficient gymnasium on a virtual campus through intelligent building design.  The design plan will also incorporate localized power generation and energy management systems.

Mentored by design and engineering professionals, the students will draw on the same techniques and tools used by professional design teams in many of the world’s best engineering and architectural design firms.

For the competition, the student teams will redesign a gymnasium found on an existing high school campus.  All teams will be tasked with redesigning the same building.  Their redesign project will include completion of the following deliverables:

  1. A baseline energy audit of the high school gymnasium.
  2. Computer-based redesign of the gymnasium and surrounding property to improve the energy efficiency of the gymnasium to be followed by a second energy audit.
  3. A Design, Innovation and Impact Report that highlights creative design features, energy use solutions and localized power generation methods used to complete the project.
  4. Transcribed and Verbal team presentation describing how their model meets the competition design objectives
  5. Logbook detailing daily activities

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