Awards and Recognition

Congratulations to this year’s winning team:

First Place: Immaculate Heart High School in Oro Valley, Arizona


SMART Competition’s Michael Andrews and Mark Schneider (above right) congratulate members of the winning Immaculate Heart Team including Grace Aroz, Diego Moscoso, Angelina Kiser, Eddy Trevino, their Teacher Mrs. Gossler and Mentors James Dettmer, PE, David Chargin, AP (not in the photograph).

In addition to Immaculate Heart’s achievements, many competitors have generously provided unsolicited comments about how the SMART Competition’s real-world technology education challenge has impacted their personal educational experience.  Below are just a few of those comments:

     “Thank you for all of your work on various elements of the SMART Competition.   Our students were stretched and challenged in positive ways, and it was great to see the process.
     Beginning with an idea–not even a computer capable of the software–and then receiving two from an anonymous donor, engaging the process and the software, having the exposure and motivators to learn more, working cooperatively, and then ending with the final presentation was so valuable for all of us.
     Though we failed to really meet all standards and criteria, from our starting point, a lot of good growth occurred.  We so appreciate having had the incentive and opportunity given by the competition!  And the $500.00 is icing on the cake.  I am excited to use it this year to expand our STEM activities.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

Tanya Horat, Teacher Hamilton Christian Academy – Lion Design 2014 – 2015 Competition

“I would like to thank you for making the participation (in the SMART Competition) of our team possible.  It was a great learning experience for all of us and I think that we’ve all grown closer as a result.  We are very thankful for the donation to our school’s STEM program as well.  I hope that I will be able to participate in this competition and others like it in the future.   Thanks again”

Johnny Holtzen, Student Hamilton Christian Academy – Lion Design 2014 – 2015 Competition

     “Thank you so much for everything!  Thank you for letting us participate, meeting with us over the computers, “grading” our work, and finally giving us the shirt, backpack, satchel and the booklet.  Thank you again.
     The SMART Competition was not only educational, but through it our team learned how to work together which I’m sure we’ll use throughout our life.  You are a blessing to us!   Love and Thanks”

Abigail Beck, Student Hamilton Christian Academy – Lion Design 2014 – 2015 Competition

     “Thank you so much (for) letting us participate on (in) the Smart Competition.   It’s been a pleasure to do it.  I learn(ed) a lot using the software and the computer itself also.  Again Thank you…”

Rico Wirick, Student Hamilton Christian Academy – Lion Design 2014 – 2015 Competition

“Thank you very much for your donation to our school.”

James Snow, Student Hamilton Christian Academy – Lion Design 2014 – 2015


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