Scholarship, Grants and Financial Support

The Smart Education Foundation (SEF) will provide grants and financial assistance to eligible schools wishing to participate in the Competition or benefit from training seminars and forums where necessary.  Funding may allow greater technology access, transportation or assist with program operation and materials.

The founding principles of SEF are that all students, independent of academic achievement level, income, ethnicity, religion or gender can participate without bias or “barriers to entry”.  To that end, if a teacher, school and educational institution wishes to participate in SEF programs but does not have the resources needed to facilitate success, SEF will make every effort to provide appropriate assistance.  The financial capability to pay for materials, entry fees or other program related costs should not deter student participation.  Therefore SEF will encourage schools in financially disadvantaged areas, Title I schools, schools within urban or rural areas and those schools primarily of underserved populations, teachers, schools and educational institutions to submit grant applications for resource materials, special needs, applicable expenses or other costs that may impact a student’s ability to successfully participate.  SEF will also explore potential funding to meet various special education needs.

Grants would also be made to encourage continued participation of schools and teachers.  With appropriate grant funding or award recognition, participants are more likely to continue knowing they have SEF support.

Grant Application for Registration Fee