Student Team Registration is required of all participating teams. Every team must have an educator/academic leader or educational program leader who has responsibility for coordinating team(s) activities. On the registration page you will identify your School, Club or Group and provide key contact information for the Team. An educator must also be listed. It is not necessary to provide team member names at this time.

smartregAfter completing the competition registration the team will be provided information on how to access the Bentley Education Portal and the competition software.

A school or qualified educational program may register multiple teams.

Teams can register for Session 1 or Session 2 of the competition.  The registration deadline for Session 1 is February 15.   The registration deadline for Session 2 is July 15.

Educators will complete the Team registration form for their program and add the student team members using the “Student Information” on the Team’s page.

Register your team.



educators & teams Register your Student Team to participate in the SMART Competition.
mentors Mentors provide subject matter knowledge, design support and overall project guidance.
Being involved as a judge can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor.
The Smart Competition provides many opportunities for individuals to become involved.