Become a Sponsor

Through the tools used by the teams during the SMART competition, students will develop workforce experience through the use of computer-aided design software used in the construction industry.  The program will also connect with other STEM, smart grid and “green building” initiatives to allow for a broader exposure to emerging technologies.

Creating a strong competition and infrastructure is bounded in four ongoing activities:

  1. Executing a competition experience that highlights student performance, innovation and creativity
  2. Providing the infrastructure to assure program growth
  3. Recruitment and retention of volunteers; Including schools and educational programs world-wide and fostering an interest in different technical and professional disciplines.
  4. Execution of competition events using Kaizen or 6-Sigma methods to assure high quality.

The program is designed to attract all students.

Several opportunities for corporate involvement:

  • Introduce the SMART Competition program to high schools which your organization has a relationship.  This program is designed to provide additional education and mentoring opportunities, reaching students who may not be involved with your initiative.  Your organization can encourage team formation and education partnerships.
  • Provide expertise in the Bentley Systems or other CAD software.  The competition uses Bentley CAD, GIS, AECO and energy analysis software tools as the basis for the logical model developed by the students.  Students and educators will require additional support and training on both the software and technical environment.
  • Promote employee involvement in the SMART Competition from within your organization using internal communication channels and volunteer recognition initiatives.
  • Provide expertise in media relations, public outreach, finance, competition planning or a variety of other functions necessary for a high quality program.
  • Provide financial support to assure that all interested student teams have an opportunity to participate, compete and be recognized for their efforts.  We are asking your organization to contribute a portion of the budget, either cash or in-kind, to demonstrate support for the SMART Competition.

There are five general levels of annual sponsorship:

Platinum Sponsor ……$10,000 +
Gold Sponsor…………  $5,000 – 10,000
Silver Sponsor …….…. $1,000 – 5,000
Bronze Sponsor ……… $1,000
Flint Sponsor …………. $500 (get the fire started)

Major sponsors will be recognized through publications, media releases, signage and at the competition in accordance with the Smart Education Foundation policy.