Welcome to the SMART Competition

In a world increasingly dependent on energy efficiency, sustainability, redesign and reuse, the SMART Competition invites university and high school students to become part of the solution.  Student teams will have the opportunity to use professionally available design software to create their sustainability solution while also having access to international experts who will support their efforts as mentors and sponsors.

Teams are comprised of 3 to 4 students and an educator sponsor.  Registration begins in October and ends in February.  Registered teams will be given a schedule for participation in the competition.  Any type of school, in any country, is eligible to participate.

During the competition finals, the student teams will make their presentation using Internet-based video technology.  Teams will discuss all competition deliverables with the panel of subject matter expert judges. Team presentations will be scheduled during April.

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See how Bentley outlines its support of green building designs in the academic community.

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