Key Dates

Competition Key Deliverables and Dates – EXAMPLE

NOTE – The Competition schedule is completely flexible. The actual start date and specific deliverable dates are subject to the decisions by each individual team project plan and schedule.  Each team will create their schedule using the project management system in Bentley ProjectWise.

Date Competition Element Team Deliverables and Submission Information
Sept 1 Team Registration
  • Complete your team on-line registration
  • Obtain account information, Activation Code and Project Wise Username and Password
  • Enroll in Bentley Student Server and download software

NOTE: All competition deliverables will be placed in the team ProjectWise folder

September 22

(plus 3 weeks)

Baseline Energy Audit Calculate the building and facility energy use. The Baseline Energy Audit report must be added to the team ProjectWise folder.
October 4

(plus 2 weeks)

Second Energy Audit After completing the energy related modifications to the gymnasium complete the second Energy Audit and compare the results with the original audit results. The Energy Audit report must be added to the team ProjectWise folder.
October 15

(plus about 2 weeks)

Visualization Upload the graphic visualizations of the gymnasium and the campus. These can be in any of the three formats described in the Smart Competition Guide and Software Tutorial document
October 22

(plus about 1 week)

Design & Impact Report and analysis Author the Design & Impact Analysis based on results from changing building materials, configuration, landscaping and the results of the energy audit. The Impact Analysis should also provide an assessment of the energy provided to the campus by the renewable power generation that has been added to the campus and the impact of the net energy yield on the community’s smart grid.   The Design & Impact Report must be added to the team ProjectWise folder.
October 28

(plus about 1 week)

Submit Presentation and Logbook Using the Power Point presentation template provided, submit the slide deck the team will use for the team presentation. The Presentation must be added to the team ProjectWise folder.
November 3

(plus about 2 weeks)

All Submissions due All team deliverables and data files are completed and filed in team ProjectWise folder.
November – December Team Presentations Following a preliminary evaluation of the deliverables that have been submitted, teams will be contacted to schedule their presentations.

The specific presentation schedule is based on the team and the judge availability.

Periodic Winner Notifications Judging occurs throughout the year.  Periodically the competition identifies the top team of that period.  At the end of the year the top teams from each period are rank ordered and recognized