Scoring Rubric

Competition Scoring – Rubric

Project Log Book – 5%
Each team will have a log book, which they will use to document their findings during the competition.

Baseline Energy Audit – 10%
Prior to making any changes to the campus gymnasium, all student teams must determine the energy consumption of the existing facility.  *The initial model is provided to teams and the baseline audit results will serve as a benchmark for design changes. Successful installation of the Bentley software and developing an understanding of fundamental design concepts will enable the students to base their design decisions on a common platform.

Computer Model – 10%
The computer model is generated using the Bentley software.*Using the initial model developed for the baseline audit results serve as a benchmark for design changes. *The only building to be modified is the school’s gymnasium and its power generation system(s). The students will be able to change building orientation, materials (roof walls, doors), landscaping, etc to improve the energy efficiency of the building. *Complete destruction and rebuilding of gym is not an option.

Second Energy Audit and Impact Analysis – 10%
The students will rerun the energy analysis conducted when they established their baseline use (above) to determine the impact of the redesign on the building energy use.

Power Generation – 10%
Add a power generation capability using a renewable energy source. A team may add multiple power generation systems and technologies based on economic and/or technical models.*The students are encouraged to consider power generation compatible to local regulations and available elements. The school property has adequate real estate and is geographically located to incorporate designs for several different technologies.

Smart Grid – 10%
The Students will calculate the surplus energy delivered to community smart grid.

Visualization – 5%
The students will create a computer-generated animation of a fly-around of their redesigned campus and gymnasium.

Design, Innovation & Impact Report – 15%  
Each team will prepare and submit a written report with no more than 2000 words (excluding references, footnotes, and bibliography) in Microsoft word format. It should include the following information: *Description of team’s findings regarding the smart grid and intelligent building design. *Explain the redesign of the gym. *Describe energy use on the campus based on the energy audits, the power generation system created for the campus and the power provided to the community from the campus to the smart grid. The report is a summary of your project, and could also contain elements of your verbal presentation. All references, either written or online must be included as appropriate. This includes footnotes and bibliographies. It must adhere to current style guidelines

Verbal Presentation – 15% 
In a 7-10 minute presentation, the team must discuss their findings for a team of judges. It will be followed by a 10 minutes Q&A from the judges to team members. Referring both to their computer model and support materials, the team should describe its findings and highlight the improvements they have included. Within the presentation, each team will also discuss actionable recommendation(s) its school district/school leadership may adopt to improve the energy use or decrease reliance on externally provided power to their own school. Suggestions may be physical in nature (renovations) or possibly a result of your observations of the effect of modifying facility use and loading patterns. The presentation can include visual aids such as Power Point or other presentation tools that are universally recognized and can be show with normal presentation hardware and software. (Presentation should be contained on a DVD or flash drive that can be played by the competition staff on standard equipment. No special software will be permitted or loaded in order to support presentation.)

Deliverable Schedule – 5%
Each team must provide all of the project deliverables by the deadline dates.

School Official Presentation – 5%
Each team must develop a presentation that is appropriate for use with school officials. The presentation must include actionable recommendations or projects that could be implemented by the school. Clearly describe the positive impact on the school’s energy usage or decreased reliance on externally provided power. Suggestions may include physical modifications, remodeling or other renovations that impact energy loading patterns. With the assistance of the team sponsor, the team is responsible for scheduling an appointment with the school officials to present their recommendations. This presentation should include a ‘leave behind’ document.

NOTE:  This presentation may be delivered to public officials.