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Nvidia’s digital twin platform will change how scientists and engineers think

Nvidia has announced several significant upgrades to its scientific computing for digital twins platform and released these capabilities for widespread use.  Highlights include the general release of Modulus, a physics-informed AI tool, support for new Omniverse integrations and support for

Semi-transparent organic photovoltaic filters for agrivoltaic greenhouses

Researchers in the United States have tested organic photovoltaic filters in a greenhouse hosting lettuce growth and have found the devices’ transmission spectra may help fine-tune the characteristics of the plant.  They used transcriptomic analysis to assess the key modifications

Designing the Smart City Digital Twin

A smart city digital twin relies on a number of layers of data that build on top of each other, layering in information about the terrain, buildings, infrastructure, mobility, and IoT devices. The digital twin uses the data generated in

How Singapore created the first country-scale digital twin

Recently, Singapore completed work on the world’s first digital twin of an entire nation.  Bentley Systems tools accelerated the process of transforming raw GIS, lidar, and imagery data into reality mesh, building, and transportation models of the country. “We envisaged

Bentley Systems: The Year in Infrastructure and the 2021 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure

Join CEO Greg Bentley, Bentley executives, Siemens, and AEC Advisors for their latest insights on December 1st and 2nd during the Year in Infrastructure. Throughout the virtual event, Bentley Systems and its partners will celebrate the digital advancements in infrastructure and

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3 innovations for off-grid power storage

Over the past decade, the idea of a closed-loop off-the-grid home that draws its power from batteries has gone from that of an improbable wish to a very real option for many homeowners. And what’s driving this change may surprise

Smart City Tech Is Being Built Into Planned Communities

Planned development communities like New Haven in Ontario, Calif., are highlighting urban technology applications and features as signature amenities as consumer expectations reach well beyond standard pools and parks. A gita robot delivery cart follows a pedestrian in a planned

Global Internet Energy Usage

Power Consumption that Supports our On-Line Habits Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 but given the fact that in 1990 only half a percent of the world’s population was online, the world on the web has grown

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Climate Change and Architecture: Self-Cooled Buildings Lower Temps

Around the world, climate change and architecture are turning cities into ovens.  Higher-than-average temperatures — combined with heat-absorbing infrastructure such as concrete, asphalt, steel and glass — can cause a dangerous phenomenon called the heat island effect. Using air conditioning

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Flower power: How One Company is Beautifying the Wind Turbine

Tulip-shaped ‘eco-art’ turbines address common complaints about noise, danger to wildlife and ugliness Flower Turbines designed a product that’s suitable for built-up areas. Photograph: Jan de Groen Tulips and flowers could help harness the power of the wind, after a