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Top U.S. cities for women in construction

Men outnumber women in construction, substantially, but more women continue to join the field and often at higher wages than they would in other careers. Women make up 10% of the construction workforce — 1.1 million women, compared to 9.9

AR, VR Find More Real-World Applications in Construction

Global Data:  “Technology can improve accuracy, efficiency and safety of construction projects”   The construction industry is slowly shifting from years of the wait-and-watch stance to adopting digital technologies to improve the overall project lifecycle from conceptual design to construction.

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GM will announced boosting investment for EVs

General Motors Co will roll out details of an expanded and accelerated electric vehicle strategy in an effort to convince investors it can be a serious competitor to Tesla Inc, people familiar with the plans said. GM Chief Executive Mary

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Bentley’s US$100 million fund for digital twins

Infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems has announced US$100 million of venture funding to accelerate the development of infrastructure digital twins.  A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object or system. The technology behind digital twins has

Liquid-filled window absorbs solar heat by day, releases it at night

While double-glazed windows do help save energy, Singaporean scientists have tweaked the concept to make it even more effective.  Instead of leaving an air gap between the two panes of glass, the researchers have inserted a heat-absorbing, light-blocking liquid. Developed

Understand the facts about UV-C LEDs and Germicidal Applications

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, interest in germicidal technologies has surged as well. Ultraviolet radiation, specifically in the UV-C (100‒280 nm) band, is one technology that has gone from a very niche subject to the front pages of major newspapers

Fieldcrest Illinois School District banking on wind farms to help pay for school upgrades

TOLUCA — Not often does road work being done in a lonesome corner of a largely rural county imply encouraging financial news for a school district facing the challenge of making multi-million dollar upgrades to two of its buildings. But

Green roof project completed at Binghamton City Hall

A new green patch has recently been planted in Downtown Binghamton, only it’s not on the ground. It’s on the roof of Binghamton City Hall and the City Council Chambers. The completed green roof was unveiled on Sept. 22, after

GE Renewable Energy Upgrades the Haliade-X Wind Turbine

GE Renewable Energy says its Haliade-X prototype, one of the world’s most powerful wind turbines operating to date, has been optimized and is now operating at a 13 MW power output. During the following months, this prototype will undergo a series

Sustainability, Efficiency, and Millennials are Driving HVAC Innovations

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) innovations and advancements continue to reshape 2020, with many new trends across the industry set to impact businesses in the coming months and years ahead, according to LG Electronics. A specialist in quality HVAC