Author: Michael Andrews

SMART Competition Design Consideration

The current pandemic is an opportunity for architects and engineers to rethink facility design issues. One of the key design questions to consider: “What changes can an architect or engineering professional make when factors like biohazards or viruses must be

SMART Competition Activity Suggestion

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools all over the to close their doors and consider different remote education options. According to Mark Schneider, one of the competition organizers, “Since the SMART Competition is offered in a 100% virtual environment,

SMART Competition Modifies Key Dates

Due to the current pandemic, the SMART Competition is modifying the registration and submission deadlines. “Since the SMART Competition is a global program with all deliverables and project tracking completed in a virtual environment, the competition leadership decided to make

Bentley Systems, Inc., acquires GroupBC, a U.K. SaaS software innovator

In its inaugural study of the overall market for Collaborative Building Information Management (BIM), ARC Advisory Group ranked Bentley’s ProjectWise system as No.1 worldwide. The new opportunity is to build on ISO 19650, and GroupBC’s U.K. information management experience, to

Registration Deadline Extended

In response to requests from our participants The SMART Competition timeline has extended the entry deadline 2/22/2020.

Outstanding Academic Performance – Mission College Prep Catholic School

The SMART Competition is recognizing Mission College Prep Catholic School and Teacher-sponsor Ms. Nancy Alcombright for Educational Excellence in this year’s competition.  Ms. Alcombright had a record six teams participating in this year’s competition.  Two of the six teams finished

SMART Competition – 2017 Winning Team – Pius X High School

The 2017 SMART Competition was a success! The winning team of this year’s competition was from Pius X High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Team members included Jeremy Scheffler – teacher – sponsor Kathleen Medill Natalie Schieuer Tom Fulton Taylor Geirhan

Volunteer Global Involvement

The 2016-2017 SMART Competition is continuing to attract global attention.  This year the competition has involved engineers and technical professionals from North and South America, Asia and the European Union. According to Everett Greenli, SMART Volunteer Coordinator, “we’ve received offers

$100 Registration Fee is Waived

Benefactors have generously agreed to donate the resources necessary to enable participants to register at no cost to the registrant.

Questions About Heating or Cooling?

We’ve added some notes about ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) in the lesson narratives. If you have any questions regarding heating and cooling, ASHRAE representative Colin Laisure-Pool has agreed to be a contact person. He