Anne Lorimor has the record of being the oldest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Anne was 89 when she reached the peak on July 18th, 2019.  She loves hiking and she didn’t start with Kilamanjaro.  It started walking on streets and on hiking trails.  She upward climb included Pikes Peak, the Great Pyramid, and Ayers Rock.

She started small and worked her way up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro… twice!

What’s the relationship with SMART?

The competition gives the student teams a virtual model of a high school campus with the design challenge of improving its energy efficiency.  Teams focus on the use of sustainable materials and renewable technology (S.M.A.R.T.).  Some students see this challenge as their “technical Mount Kilimanjaro”.

How do you reach the peak?

Anne didn’t get to the top of the mountain because one day in 2015 she boarded a flight to Tanzania and climb the mountain.  She took time…she practiced…she took small steps to build her strength and endurance.

First, register for the SMART Competition.

Second, register for access to the Bentley software.  When you’ve created the account, you’ll have access to Bentley’s OpenBuilding Designer ( software.

Third, design a doghouse.  You know, walls, an opening for the dog, a roof.  That’s all.  Just a simple doghouse.

Fourth, improve the doghouse.  Add a window, then add insulation to the walls.  How about a skylight?

Fifth, conduct a tour of the doghouse.  The simulation package within the software can take you around and inside the doghouse.


It’s all about the hikes in the woods, on mountain trails, Pikes Peak and the Pyramids…all before you climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Try building the doghouse before redesigning the gymnasium!

The SMART Competition is open to all high school students who attend public, private, parochial, charter and home-based schools or participate in informal education programs.  The competition is designed to attract all students without regard or bias of gender, race, socio-economic or academic performance level.