The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools all over the to close their doors and consider different remote education options.

According to Mark Schneider, one of the competition organizers, “Since the SMART Competition is offered in a 100% virtual environment, the competition is an ideal opportunity for students to gain a remarkable learning experience without fear of contracting the virus.”

Registered teams are provided the software by Bentley Systems and all design and project tracking elements of the competition are through the SMART Competition interface with Bentley.  When the competition deliverables are complete and it’s time for a team to present its work, those presentations are done using cameras and networking software.  Team members never have to be in the same physical space…never…assuring the virus is not transmitted through proximity.

The Competition is an excellent educational program that compliments studies in sustainability, LEED design issues, and renewable power generation.

The SMART Competition ( is a global STEM and Career and Technology Education (CTE) education program.  The competition is open to all high school and university students.  The competition is designed to attract all students without regard or bias of gender, race, socio-economic or academic performance level.


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